Why evertouch?

evertouch® lets you concentrate on the important things in your life. The people.

Old Gang - Why Evertouch

Whether you’re an individual with an ever changing circle of family, friends and colleagues or a business that values staying in touch with your customers, evertouch makes sure you can always reach out to the people in your life.

It’s a constantly changing world we live in. The rate of change these days boggles the mind. Changing jobs. Moving house. Losing phones. Postings overseas. Marriages. Divorces.

While technology has given us more ways to communicate and allowed us to greatly increase our personal and business networks, it hasn’t provided an easy way keep that network intact. That is, until evertouch.

By creating a direct connection through evertouch to your family, friends and associates, you’ll always have their latest and most accurate contact information.

And it works both ways. Simply keep your own evertouch contact details up to date and all of your contacts will know immediately about all the moves and changes in your life or business.

Once you’re connected the rest takes care of itself. Automatically. Immediately. Securely.

You take care of the people in your life.  Let evertouch take care of your address book!