The amazing address book of Gay Talese

Gay Talese is a famous writer. Gay Talese is a character. Gay Talese has an amazing address book!

Maybe this man needed an address book app before they were ever thought of?

As part of his work Gay has become a collector of people. And since his early career he’s built a fascinating address book full of the famous and the not so famous.

“Our life is a continuous relationship with changing personalities, including our own. My address book is a connection to my whole life. It sort of is my whole life.”

Click on the photo below for an entertaining short video about the man and his love for his address book.

Maybe this guy needed an address book app before they were created

Gay started his address book at a time before the terms ‘networking’ and ‘contacts’ were even in our vocabulary. Yet his large, leather bound address book is, essentially, his network.

Every entry in his address book is for someone he’s had a personal encounter with. He never erases a name from his address book. Even if the people are dead or their phone number is ‘dead’, the “people are never removed from your mind.”

Gay Talese loves his address book and cherishes all his contacts, but admits he’s lost contact with people in his address book. Often due to changes in their contact details. Maybe an address book app that updates itself (e.g. evertouch) would be something Gay and you would like?

Thanks to Gaspar Gonzalez, Grantland Productions, ESPN and Vimeo for sharing.