30December 2015

The amazing address book of Gay Talese

Gay Talese is a famous writer. Gay Talese is a character. Gay Talese has an amazing address book!

Maybe this man needed an address book app before they were ever thought of?

As part of his work Gay has become a collector of people. And since his early career he’s built a fascinating address book full of the famous and the not so famous.

“Our life is a continuous […]

23December 2015

Why you need an address book App that updates itself

For us, the ‘Why?’ is pretty easy. The evertouch address book App helps eliminate the hassles of keeping an address book up to date, saving you time and money and letting you make the most of opportunities. Maintaining any address book can be a time consuming and seemingly futile task. By saving time with your address book you’re saving money – – or at least giving yourself more time to make money […]

31July 2015

Welcome to evertouch

evertouch is the address book app that updates itself.

While you’re here, why not explore more of our website and learn how evertouch works and how it helps you reduce the hassles of maintaining your address book. With evertouch you save time and money and it let’s you make the most of each opportunity to contact your family, friends and colleague […]

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