The amazing address book of Gay Talese

Gay Talese is a famous writer. Gay Talese is a character. Gay Talese has an amazing address book!

Maybe this man needed an address book app before they were ever thought of?

As part of his work Gay has become a collector of people. And since his early career he’s built a fascinating address book full of the famous and the not so famous.

“Our life is a continuous relationship with changing personalities, including our own. My address book is a connection to my whole life. It sort of is my whole life.”

Click on the photo below for an entertaining short video about the man and his love for his address book.

Maybe this guy needed an address book app before they were created

Gay started his address book at a time before the terms ‘networking’ and ‘contacts’ were even in our vocabulary. Yet his large, leather bound address book is, essentially, his network.

Every entry in his address book is for someone he’s had a personal encounter with. He never erases a name from his address book. Even if the people are dead or their phone number is ‘dead’, the “people are never removed from your mind.”

Gay Talese loves his address book and cherishes all his contacts, but admits he’s lost contact with people in his address book. Often due to changes in their contact details. Maybe an address book app that updates itself (e.g. evertouch) would be something Gay and you would like?

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Why you need an address book App that updates itself

For us, the ‘Why?’ is pretty easy. The evertouch address book App helps eliminate the hassles of keeping an address book up to date, saving you time and money and letting you make the most of opportunities. Maintaining any address book can be a time consuming and seemingly futile task. By saving time with your address book you’re saving money – – or at least giving yourself more time to make money elsewhere. Why spend time updating an address book yourself when it can be done for you? Whether you’re an individual or a business, when the time comes to contact someone important the last thing you want is a wrong number or a bounced email. evertouch ensures you always have up to date information directly from the source – – your contacts. Don’t miss an opportunity. No matter what it is.

Every good product solves a problem

We get it. Maintaining your address book may not be a burning bush problem for you, but it is something you and just about everyone else deals with. We all have an address book in some form. From a few scraps of paper stuffed in a drawer, to a little black book or maybe a complex electronic address book with hundreds of entries sync’d across numerous devices. Like many other convenience inventions that don’t solve huge problems but simply make life easier, evertouch makes maintaining your address book easier. Let your friends and evertouch update your address book for you.

How we first looked at the problem with address books

When Theo and I started thinking about problems with address books, we each saw a problem to solve – – but from slightly different angles.

Lost Phones

Theo was repeatedly seeing a certain type of post on his Facebook newsfeed, “Hey, lost my mobile! Got a new one. Message me if you want my new number!” or “Help! Dropped my phone in the toilet! Lost all my contacts! Send me your phone number!” There seemed to be no easy way for Theo’s friends to tell everyone they had a new phone number, nor to recover what went missing when their phone was lost or damaged. But what if Theo’s friends could simply buy a new phone, download an address book App (e.g. evertouch!), change their own phone number and everyone would be updated automatically – – without having to do anything?

Lost Friends

For me the problem was lost friends. A couple close friends had through time and distance gone missing from my life. I wanted to reach out to them. Rekindle our friendships. But all I had were 30 year old addresses. Despite an extensive online search, I couldn’t find my friends. My best friend from high school. Gone. My first serious girlfriend (we’d separated as friends. Honest!). Gone. Both probably never to be found again! While my initial problem (long lost friends) wasn’t solvable in this instance, a repeat could certainly be prevented.

The solution to our problems was evertouch

evertouch solved our initial problems and a whole lot more! Through evertouch, Theo’s friends can now simply update their own details and automatically tell their friends about their new number while easily recovering contact information they thought they’d lost. And for me, by using evertouch I know that no matter how much time goes by,  I’ll always be able to reach my family, friends and colleagues. Forever. No more lost friends.

An address book App with lots of good reasons to use it

When we started thinking more about evertouch and what it could do for people, we discovered so many more ways it can help. Check out A Few Good Reasons You Need evertouch for a quick list of the ways evertouch can help you. Save yourself the hassle. Stop updating your address book yourself.  Start using evertouch now! Cheers… Erik and the rest of the evertouch team.

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